40 Before 40

So I know I'm only 36, but it seems to take me a really looonnngggg time to cross things off my "to do" list and there are clearly a lot of things I really want to do, so I need some time :) Updates will be posted

1. Take an eco-tour in Costa Rica and stay at the Dreams resort.

2. Sponsor a child.

3. Participate in a yoga retreat in Bali.

4. Start up a community garden project in my hometown.

5. Go on vacation with my entire family.

6. Buy a brand new vehicle (with heated seats!).

7. Participate in a 5K and a Colour Run

8. Spend Canada Day at Capital Hill in Ottawa.

9. Visit as many MLB stadiums as we can in Canada and the US (this one's more for my hubby's   pleasure ;-) and catch a baseball game.

10. Pay off all credit card debt.

11. Get 1000 followers to my Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter.

12. Take a food photography course.

13. Go on a Mediterranean Cruise.

14. Have a good financial plan in place for retirement.

15. Start my own business and be my own boss.

16. Rent a cottage over Thanksgiving Weekend and host the holiday for both of our families.

17. Visit every Province in Canada and every State in the US.

18. Take a road trip down Route 66.

19. Get in the best shape of my life.

20. Become an ambassador in my community to encourage a healthy lifestyle that supports regular fitness, self care and support for our local businesses and producers.

21. Learn how to clear my mind and meditate on a daily basis.

22. Plan a huge, kick-ass 40th Birthday bash for my hubs


  1. Mike (my BF) wants us to raise chickens too! And going to the Olympics is totally on my bucket list!

  2. I agree on Winter Olympics also...and I like your route 66 idea...we stumbled upon it on a recent trip to AZ and followed it into Flagstaff...was fun to be on it. If you are near Cincinnati (maybe if you visit KY) our ballpark is awesome...just make sure the weather is good!!

    1. Thanks for the tip about Cincinnati! ---- my husband loves Arizona and I've never been, so I'm thinking we now have a good excuse to visit!

  3. great. this is so interesting