Monday, October 10, 2011

Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip

Happy Thanksgiving Monday to all of my Canadian friends and happy Monday to everyone else!

This weekend has been absolutely fabulous. On Saturday, we headed out to the Norfolk County Fair to hang out with some of our good friends and to go see George Canyon in concert. The weather was fantastic and we had a really great time!

Yesterday we had Thanksgiving with my family and today we're off to Derek's grandma's for our second Thanksgiving dinner of the weekend!

Even though no dinners were at our house, my kitchen has still been a busy place. Everyone brought appetizers on Saturday, I was in charge of the salad yesterday and today it's all about dessert. I decided to play it safe this weekend and rely on all of my tried and true favourite recipes.

As I was whipping up my appetizers on Saturday, it occurred to me that I've neglected to share one of my most favourite dips of all time. This is one of those recipes that is a crowd pleaser no matter where you are going. Let's just say if you're a fan of cheesecake and caramel apples YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS. But I do have to warn you that if you have any leftovers, give it away. This is a another one of those dips that is pretty tasty eaten right out of the bowl with a spoon!

Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip

Take this to your next potluck or family gathering - it's impossible not to love this dip!!

1 8oz brick of cream cheese, softened
1/3 c brown sugar
1/2 container of caramel apple dip (I like Marzetti's)
Optional Toppings: crushed Skor or Heath bars, nuts, chopped chocolate
5 - 6 apples cored & sliced

In a small mixing bowl add your cream cheese and brown sugar. Mix well.

Transfer to your serving dish.

Top the cream cheese mixture with the caramel dip, followed by your toppings. Usually I'm a fan of using Skor bar, but this time I used chopped peans and a mixture of white and semi-sweet chocolate.

Serve with apples.

The brown sugar dissolves as you mix it in to the cream cheese.

At this point I could pretty much stop and eat with a spoon :-D

To assemble:  

...still totally spoon-worthy at this point ;-)

Derek stopped at a local orchard and bought some freshly picked apples!
They are so delish on their own and this dip makes them absolutely to die for.

People will hover around this dip and just keep on dipping
until the last apple slice is gone!

Make sure to get lots on your first dip because double dippin' is a no-no people!


What is your favourite thing to take to a family dinner or potluck?

Enjoy the rest of your day!!



  1. Yum!! Hope you have a great second Thanksgiving :-)

  2. Oh wow. That sounds absolutely decadent. And because you're dipping apples in it, you can almost convince yourself that it's health food! Ha! I'm adding this one to my "to-make" list.

  3. Oh gosh...this would be a disaster in my house. There is no one, including the dog, who doesn't love caramel! This would be awesome for the fall!

  4. I made a similar dip for Thanksgiving last year and it was a huge hit. Thanks for reminding me about this recipe!

  5. Wow what a great looking dip! I am goign to bust this out for Thanksgiving this year :)

  6. I'm going to go ahead and say this is my new favorite dish to bring. Looks AMAZING!