Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Goals

Well Happy New Year my friends! How was your holiday season? I hope it was filled with loved ones and fun times and lots of wonderful memories.

Our December was really busy and I was really happy to have some time off of work to rest up and recharge with the ones that I love most. I started back to work yesterday and I have to admit that it's kind of nice to get back into a routine.

While I was off, I found myself thinking about what I wanted to say to you all about my goals for the upcoming year. I don't "do" resolutions because I think the word just sets us up for failure. I prefer to set attainable, realistic goals that I can work towards. They may be easy to achieve or an ongoing work in progress all year long. Resolutions on the other hand usually get ditched by mid-January.

 I didn't do a fabulous job at meeting my goals last year. I set a big list up on January 1st and then they got pushed under a bunch of papers in my office never to be seen again.

This year I've decided to break things down a little better in the hopes of setting myself up for success. I do have some BIG goals for the year, but I also want to keep focused by setting daily, weekly and monthly goals, so I can feel like I'm constantly moving forward instead of getting stuck in a rut with no idea where I should be heading.

I'm sure my list of goals is going to change as time passes, but as of today, this is what my goals are lookin' like:

BIG Goals for 2013
*Get involved in a charity - I participate in a few fundraisers, but am not a passionate supporter of any one charity. I really want to get involved with one of the cancer societies, a breakfast club or an animal rescue.

* Re-organize & re-decorate each room in my house - I'm ready for a change.

*Pursue freelance writing opportunities. - As you know, I did two pieces for and I really enjoyed creating material for an online publication that I personally enjoy. I am hoping to make connections with more of my favourite publications this year.

*Make a budget, stick to it and start growing our nest egg into something more substantial.

*Continue working on the blog. - I'd like to work on improving my photography skills this year and maybe, just maybe, get my own unique design layout????

Goals for January
*Fully embrace the Eat Clean Diet. - I have the vegetarian cookbook, I'm ready for the change after a very indulgent holiday and I know the concept. No excuses, I'm going to "JUST DO IT"!

*Workout 4 days per week. - Remember back when I was working out 5, 6 & 7 days per week while following the LiveFit trainer?! Well those days are long gone ---- I didn't work out once over the holidays (unless playing Just Dance 4 with my 5 year old neice counts?!) and I feel like a bit of a lazy ass.

*Start planning and budgeting the reno of our bathroom. - It's the only room in the house that we haven't done anything to and it's just plain nasty.

*Plan 4 date nights per month with Derek. - I need more quality time with my man.

*Clean out my kitchen cupboards. - Seriously, does a family of 2 people really need 18 mugs; especially since one of those people does not drink coffee or tea?! I am going to purge my cupboards, donate my discards to the local Salvation Army and clean my kitchen from top to bottom.

Because I'm a visual person, I love the idea of creating a vision board to keep sight of all of my goals. If you've been a long-time follower here on Vegvacious, you've probably seen me say that I'm going to create a vision board many times. It has yet to happen {womp womp} I saw that the Fitnessista created a virtual vision board on Pinterest and I totally copied her because it's easy and it's clean --- trust me, I can leave glue and sparkles in the strangest of places when I get into a crafy kinda mood. If you'd like to see what my board looks like so far, check it out here.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2013?

Have a great day,


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  1. Yay for more dates w/ the man!! It's never possible to spend too much time w/ the one you love xoox