Friday, March 9, 2012

High Five For Friday - Yay it's March!

Can you believe we've already arrived at March 9th?! I predict sunshiney skies and warmer temperatures in our very near future. Thank you to Lauren for continuing to host this fabulous Friday fun fest - I love sharing my happy stuff with you all!!

Here are some things that have made me smile this week...


My sleepy dogs. Last Sunday was a very lazy day at our house.
These two were sawing logs most of the day!
Loves of my life (& my husband too haha!!)
We're taking it pretty easy today :-)

Apple Walnut Coconut Delight Granola from Love Grown Foods.
I've seen other bloggers raving about this stuff in the USA and I found it for the first time
in a local grocery store this week.
 I am in love! 
Eek! First time I've seen @lovegrownfoods in Ontario! So excited to try it :)

Coloured Skinny Jeans
I'm loving red, hot pink and turqoise.
I'll take one of each please!!
fall fashion - brightly coloured jeans are the big thing

Cherry Banana Coffee Smoothie Bowl
Recipe & picture from Peachy Palate

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend!
Spring is right around the corner my friends!!!

What's made you smile this week?

Have a great weekend!!!


PS - one other thing that would make me VERY happy would be receiving my new modem cord so our Internet was back up & running --- do you hear me Bell Canada?!

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