Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Ate on this "Green" Wednesday

Hi and welcome to the first What I Ate Wednesday of March. Jen has declared that we are going GREEN in March, so I've challenged myself to see just how much green I can fit into my daily eats. It really isn't hard to do as you can see from my eats below!

My breakfasts have been pretty predictable. I've been all about the can up the 'green factor' in any smoothie by adding a great big handful of baby spinach. It blends in smoothly and you can't taste it over your fruit or other mix-ins. So healthy and surprisingly filling :)

Ok, so I'm officially addicted to wonton cups and conveniently they work for any meal of the day!!! These are my newest obsession and I just can't get enough of them because the combo possibilities are limitless.  I press my wontons wrappers into mini muffin tins and then fill them up with a scrambled eggs, cheese and any veggie that is lurking in my fridge.  Then they get baked up into some golden-y goodness. For lunch, I had some broccoli and cheese quiche wonton cups. Delish!

I've been trying to snack responsibly. Chopped veggies with hummus have definitely been on my menu this week. I like a rainbow of veggies - peppers, cauliflower, brocolli (I've been totally enjoying my little green "trees" this week!) and baby carrots were in this bag.

Derek has had absolutely no appetite since he was sick last week, so I've made a ton of lonely girl meals even though he's been around. Since my meat eater hasn't been in the mood for food, I've been making the most of it by making veggie-loaded meals for l'il ol' me :) Last night I had honey dijon parsnip fries paired with cheesy spinach and quinoa patties. Those patties are ah-mazing and I promise that I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow --- cross my heart <3

Instead of reaching for food after dinner, I've been treating myself to a tea instead. Green Tea with Pomegranate has been one of my faves lately.

So it looks like I've done a pretty good job of incorporating greens into each of my meals --- how many times do you eat your greens per day?? If you're looking for some 'green' inspiration, head on over and visit Peas & Crayons  to see what other bloggers have been munchin' on.

What has been the best thing you've eaten today?

Have a great day --- make the most of it as we climb the hump and head towards the weekend!




  1. Mmm...those cheesy spinach and quinoa patties sound delish!

  2. Way to go with the greens! I may or may not have included one of those spinach-smoothies in my meals for the day, too! Sneaky way to get your green. And I want that bag of "snack food"--your veggies look so fresh and tasty!

  3. Love those parsnip fries! I've been meaning to make some but I haven't been able to find any parsnips here :(

  4. mmmm those quinoa patties look so delicious!