Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Ate (When It Felt Like Summer But It Wasn't) Wednesday

Hiya! Happy Wednesday and Happy 2nd Day of Spring! :)

It feels great to actually be in the season that we've been enjoying the last couple of weeks. Whatcha think----are we smooth sailing from here on out or are we still going to get another cold blast before Spring really arrives?

I've noticed that our eats have been slowly changing to suit the season. I've had a lot less hot tea and been sucking back kegs of ice water, vitamin water and Perrier with lime. Our meals have also become a lot lighter. Derek's been doing meat and taters on the barbecue and I've been having tons of salads, sammies and green smoothies....I've also been finishing up the popsicles that I bought where Derek was sick. As soon as I get home from a workout, I break one out. I figure I deserve it {wink wink}

So, now that I've rambled your ear off, let's get to the hot topic of the day. What I Ate Wednesday! We're still adding lots of greens to our meals, right?!
Here's a peek at my recent eats.


I'm the kinda gal that loves a grilled cheese for any meal.

These days, I have been in absolute love with a grilled avocado tomato swiss sandwich.
Avocado is one of my all-time FAVE green foods!
I even got Derek to eat one of these [WIN!]


I know it's a huge surprise but I am still on the green smoothie train.
I've have one every day. This green smoothie has
spinach, strawberries, banana, Vanilla Almondilla Vega Shake N Go and water.

Tastes like dessert!


Our boss was in South Beach last week and he brought us back a little treat.
A big bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares. How lucky are we?!
Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Square with Salted Caramel Filling has my heart.
Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Filling



Spinach Mushroom Pie with Roasted Sweet Potato Bites

I'm still tweaking this recipe, but quiche screams Spring to me, so stay tuned.....

Another Wednesday, another week of great eats. If you're looking for more foodie inspiration, head on over to Peas & Crayons to find lots of other bloggers who are creative and amazing in the kitchen.

And as always, thanks to Miss Jenn for hosting our Wednesday bloggie shindig! 

What is your fave green food?

What do you love most about Springtime?

Have a great day my friends, 



  1. I need to get on the green smoothie train. Every time I make on I am in heaven but never do it. It's like I am too lazy to use the blender !

  2. We've been eating more "spring-y" too...I love spring and summer eats :-)

  3. I'd think we'd get along pretty darn well in the kitchen, haha. I am in love with that vega smoothie mix--you aren't lying, it's like a dessert! But totally good for you! And avocados are my current favorite green food, I've been going through them like crazy now that they're (slightly) affordable at the grocery store.

  4. Avocado is one of my favorite green foods too! I think it makes almost anything taste better!

  5. That pie looks good, hope you get the recipe down pat so it's good enough to share ;)

  6. I could stick avocado on every single thing I eat. No lie!