Monday, June 20, 2011

He's Baa-aack.

Yayy! I was so happy that Derek was coming home today. Sadly, he had to work tonight at his bartending job, so he got home to unload his stuff and was back out the door before I got home from work. I stopped by his work for just a minute to see how his weekend was and to get a little lovin'.

He forgot to tell me about how he left the house.

No kitchen floor is complete without a bag full of dirty clothes and a 60oz of whiskey.

He left his bedding on the loveseat. Maybe he wanted to sleep on the couch tonight?! :-)

I joke, I joke :-)


I swear that I cleaned up the kitchen and did all the dishes yesterday!

Oh. My.

All the healthy food is being suffocated ;-)

Um, is that sauerkraut in my vegetable crisper? ..and yes, there was a jar of sauerkraut on one of the shelves as well --- seriously, how many jars does one person need?!


How can one man do so much damage in such a short amount of time?!

He's lucky I love him and that I really, really missed him!

I swear I was going to have an amazing recipe for you today, but I'm a little busy cleaning up!!
I promise to have something fabulous for you later this week.

Have a great night!

Who's the messy one in your family? The funny thing is that Derek would say ME! 



  1. I suppose I have to admit I'm the messy one in my family... although I've gotten better! My mom used to always joke that she could tell exactly what I'd been cooking, because I always left a trail behind me!

  2. haha - Before marriage the hubby said he was very clean, but live and learn...

  3. That bag of clothes and whiskey is too much! I'm not sure who is more of a disaster, myself or the BF. I would say me and he would say him. At least we are nice about it!

  4. That bag of clothes was too funny! I literally had to hop over it to get into the house because it was right at the front door :-) We get alot of alcohol in the US because it's way cheaper than Canada - I guess he wanted to keep it close?! haha