Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Alone ~ My Supplies

So Derek has been gone since 7:30 a.m. and he's all set up at the Michigan International Speedway lounging in a lawn chair and sippin' a cold one, or two :-)

Me, I'm finally home from the longest work week EVER and I'm getting myself ready for a lazy and relaxing weekend. On my way home I stopped for some essential supplies:

Veggie Pizza (see, I wasn't joking about this in my last WIAW post!)

Red Wine
This is a new Merlot from Niagara, Canada and it is FANTASTIC.

Dark Chocolate - obviously!

Fresh, local strawberries - to curb my sweet tooth after I polish off that chocolate.... or maybe I could melt the chocolate and dip my berries in it...hmmmmm......

Season 1 of Dexter - I've had so many friends tell me I will love this series. Erin also mentioned she was lovin' it on her blog recently and it's been on my mind ever since, so I decided to break down and rent it. I found it at our local library, so it was a FREE rental! Yeah baby!
Don't judge if I watch the entire season by Sunday night :-D

Stuffed Frozen Kongs - a definite necessity to keep the doggies stimulated when you plan to watch 10 hours of the tube over the weekend! These ones are stuffed with sweet potato mashed with just a wee bit of cream cheese and finely diced chicken weiner.

...oh, and I can't forget about the kale :-D ....wha??? You'll just have to check back to see what I have planned for it! I have a couple of yummy and healthy recipes on the brain.

What is your all-time favourite TV series? Hands down, mine is Sex & the City!
What are your essential must-haves when you are enjoying a quiet night to yourself?

Have a fabulous weekend,



  1. kale chips maybe? =)

    sounds like a good night to me!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Your veggie pizza looks delicious.
    Last weekend was my weekend without my husband. Just me and my 4-year-old. So, "me time" happened after he went to bed and the essentials were a big yummy salad, potato chips and vegan onion dip, wine, and a movie. I watched 4 movies last weekend!
    I hope you have a lot of fun! :-)

  3. Oooh, I've been wanting to watch Dexter!! And when I get full seasons of a show, I can EASILY wipe them out in one weekend. No shame. :-)

  4. Wow that pizza looks delicious! Definitely what I want to munching on when I'm home alone ;)

  5. We're really in to Desperate Housewives and CSI!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  6. That sounds like my kind of weekend!!! Just sub out Dexter for Friends (my fave tv show ever) and I'm golden. Hope it was a good one!

  7. You obviously are prepared for the weekend. I, too, am guessing that the kale is for chips. Enjoy all that good food. Blessings...Mary

  8. I love kale and especially kale chips :)

    My favorite TV series were Big Love, LOST and Dawson's Creek back in the day (RIP all of them)...SATC is a close fourth though!