Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIAW ~ Carbolicious Dinners

Happy Wednesday bloggieland!

I'm super excited for this week's WIAW Extravaganza because it's the first Wednesday since Fall has officially arrived and I'm hoping to find some seriously amazing new comfort foods to try out as the weather starts to cool and my oven calls my name. If you're looking for some inspiration too, head on over and visit Jenn to see what other bloggers have been whipping up this week.

Today, I have 3 super delicious dinners to share.

First off we have my grandma's famous homemade Mac N Cheese. It's the simplest recipe ever and I promise I'll share in the very near future. This is the epitome of comfort food.

Next I have some three cheese tortellini mixed with sundried tomatoes and oven roasted tomatoes and then tossed in a tomato basil pesto. Can you tell I'm trying to fit in as many tomatoes as I can while they're still available at the farmer's market?? On the side we roasted an acorn squash. Oh gosh - squash is another one of those Fall-time foods that makes me swoon!

And finally, to balance out all those carbs, I fully intended to whip up a Honey Tofu Stirfry....but my husband
brought home this.


I think it's safe to say that veggies, and lots of 'em, are on the menu this week to balance out last week's carbolicious meals!

When you think of your epitome of comfort food, what's the first food that comes to your mind?
Fave thing you ate this week?

Have a great day....we've only got a little ways to go before we make it to the weekend!


  1. That mac n' cheese looks SERIOUSLY amazing. Can't wait for that recipe!!!

  2. wow those top two meals look fab!! YUM. And don't forget that carbs are good for your brain, don't worry about eating them with everything else too! favourite thing I ate this week....whole foods salad bar!

  3. Mac and cheese is probably the first thing that comes to mind... or perhaps grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  4. Squaaaaash! I'm in love right now too--just finished off my lunch--salad with a big pile of cooked squash on top! And now I want some pizza, too...

  5. Mac and cheese is the greatest thing ever invented. Really cheese is the best, but add it to noodles and BAM its amazing. I think of fried chicken as comfort food even though its soooo unhealthy haha.

  6. when i think comfort food i think biscuits, chili & cornbread, and nice warm brownies. a lot of other southern meals come to mind, most likely because when i went to school in nashville i was exposed to soo many delicious eats that aren't readily available up here in boston.

  7. Andrea! How are you? Yes, I am finally back after a two month hiatus... Hope you are doing well...

    Anyways, loved this post. Mac and cheese is one of my favorite dishes in the world. Hope you post your grandmother's recipe soon ;) Your tortellini dish looks super delicious as well... I know we are currently in fall but I have to admit, I don't want this warm weather to end!!

  8. I think of grilled cheese!

  9. Mmmmm these all look FAB!! Ok, I always love pizza as a comfort food..I wish I ate it more!!

    Im coming to your place!!


  10. All three dishes look BOMB - cant wait for that mac recipe!

  11. Please share the mac and cheese recipe soon!!!!! Can't wait to see and try it!!!! :)