Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday - Repeats

Happy Wednesday!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been more adventuresome in the kitchen and have come up with a bunch of delicious little meals that have been uber successful on the very first attempt. A couple of my recipes from this past week are going to peek their lovely little heads out in this WIAW post, because I frankly loved them so much that I can't stop eating them!

For breakfast, I'm back on the green smoothie train. I recently read The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder and I've been using her recipe for my early morning eats. I've been loving this recipe and my morning energy has been absolutely through the roof!!!! I've also found that I'm not hungry for snacks in the morning, which is very unusual because my normal routine is to have a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack every day!

I haven't snapped pics of too many lunches this week. I've mainly been eating lots of vegetable soup and veggie chili. My last batch of chili made enough for a bazillion lunches so it's been easy to pull a bowl out of the freezer each morning!

My afternoon snacks have consisted primarily of fruit. Navel oranges have been on sale for the past couple of weeks and now that we've gotten a taste of them, we crave them all the time - I guess it's a good time of year to be amping up our Vitamin C! If I'm craving something a little more decadent, I've been chopping up an apple, adding a pinch of cinnamon and Truvia and nuking it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. It's like the inside guts of an apple pie - pure comfort in under 5 minutes!!!

For dinner, I am absolutely in love with pumpkin & roasted veggie quesadillas and my veggie quinoa pilaf. I can't get enough of them and I keep eating and eating and eating them!!!!

...and one last sweet treat that's repeat from Jenn, not me. I am LOVING these Red Velvet Cake Cookies! I saw them and decided that I was going to make them for V-Day. By the end of last weekend, a batch was cooling on my kitchen counter ;-) They are fantabulous --- so much so, that I ended up sending most of them with Derek to work because I just couldn't keep my sticky little fingers out of them!

So I've shown you mine and now it's your turn! What's the best thing you've eaten all day?!

If you're looking for more meal & snack inspiration head on over and say howdy to Jenn and check out all the fabulous posts that have been linked up for this week!

Have an awesome day!



  1. What pretty cookies! And I've been living on soup for lunch all week, too. Doesn't make for exciting photos, but there's so much warm yum that I don't think it matters.

  2. those red velvet cookies are too cool! And I love the green smoothie. I would have them every single day, but the weather has been so chilly that I've been steering clear of them. I can't wait for summer time when I can really enjoy them again!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! these cookies look amazing!!!!!! I must see the recipe!

    How did you love the Beauty Detox? I really love her, and she had some good points in the book!!