Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy {Short Week} What I Ate Wednesday!

Happy {short week} Wednesday! Do you all have some lovely plans for this coming Easter Weekend? Derek and I have lots of plans with friends and family and most of those plans involve EATING! For me, it's super easy to overeat on these types of weekends, but by adding more veggies to each meal, I'm planning to keep all those extra calories on the table and not in my belly :)

This month's What I Ate Wednesday focuses on adding one extra cup of veggies to your meals each day. Trust me, it's not as hard as it sounds. When I first started thinking about this post, I didn't think I'd ever be able to show you some veggie-ful ideas because I've been under the weather with a less than stellar appetite, but once I started browsing back through some of my pics from earlier this week, I realized that I still had lots and lots of veggies included in my meals! Could it be that I have become a veggie eater by habit?! I dare say that I have :)

My personal opinion is that this is the easiest meal to add veggies to. Just whip up a green smoothie full of spinach and celery and voila! there's your veggies. You've seen tons of green smoothies here on Vegvacious, but this week I've had absolutely no taste for one. To soothe my throat, I have been LOVING Angela's Homemade Berry Sorbet. Oh.My.Heaven. This sorbet is gooo-oooooddddddd!

All I have to say about lunch is: Soup, lots and lots of soup.

All my soups are full of veggies. Lately, my faves have been cream of asparagus and cream of leek.

I've seen these Snapea Crisps on other blogs and I've been dying to find some to try for myself. I found this bag at the Bulk Barn and it lasted maybe 48 hours. They are tasty and very addicting!

Apparently they are awesome as a salad topper. Mine didn't make it quite that long hehe.

Last night was the first time I actually felt like cooking in about 10 days. I wanted to make something fabulous, low in fat and full of veggies. What I ended up with was half a steamed sweet potato and Jenn's Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice. YUMMY!

Not bad for a sick chick, huh?!
If you're looking for more ways that you can add veggies to your meals,
check out Jenn's WIAW page to see some ideas that other bloggers have come up with.

How can you add one more cup of veggies to your daily eats?

What do you have planned for your Easter Weekend?


  1. I need to try those snap pea crisps too! I see them at Whole Foods every time I go in there, and then see pics of them on people's blogs! I think I need to just give in and taste 'em :)

  2. I hear running on the beach in Florida is great training:)

  3. Nice work keeping up with the veggies even while sick! I'm impressed.

  4. look at that mountain of YUM!!!!!!! Love it! Vegging-up while sick is the hardest thing but also the best! So now you'll recover super speedy eh? =)

    how did the QFR pair with the sweet potato!? I want to try that combo!

    1. The sweet & savoury combo was AWESOME! Let me know if you love it when you try it :)

  5. You did well getting in lots of nutritious delicious stuff when you're sick! I'm sure it will get you back feeling well in no time :D