Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Changin' It Up

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."
- Author Unknown

Are you a person who loves routine or are you a mover & shaker who loves to mix things up?

I'm easily bored and hate when life feels monotonous. I love trying new things and mixing it up now and then. If life gets too routine, I get a really bad case of 'ants in my pants.'

Derek, however, is the total opposite. He would be a very happy guy if nothing changed....EVER. He loves routine and he doesn't welcome change with open arms. He is predictable and organized. He loves a plan. I love the idea of a plan, but by the time it comes time to implement "the plan," I usually have a new plan in the works :) I think we really compliment one another. I keep things fun and interesting and encourage him to step outside his comfort zone (which for him is really hard) and he brings me back down to earth when my plans and ideas get a little outta control.

Now when I talk change it doesn't have to be something huge like moving across the country (although moving to Edmonton, Alberta or somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico does make my heart flutter). It can be something as simple as a new nail polish or a new 'do to liven things up.

I've had a case of Spring fever quite a bit lately, so I stepped out of the box and did a couple of things that have been on my list of 'things to try'.

First off, I recently had a hair appointment with my all-star hairstylist, Krystal....another person who tends to bring me back to earth when I have some really inappropriate styles in mind :) I haven't been loving my 'do lately and I wanted to change it up without chopping it off, so I decided to go blonde and get bangs.

I love the change and now I have a fresh trendy look for Summer. Whatcha think??

Secondly, I tried a hot yoga class. Workouts are an area in my life where I get really bored and that leads to a total lack of motivation. I've been wanting to try hot yoga forever, but the closest class is 45 minutes away from my house. I thought a hot yoga class would feel amazing on all my sore and achy joints and it seemed like the perfect reward for being such a responsible gal and listening to my body instead of pushing myself past my limits, so I decided the drive was worth it.

My friend, Barb, and I got up bright and early a few Saturdays ago to make sure we got to the yoga studio in time to get a spot and we both LOVED the class. It was a 75 minute session of Moksha Yoga and it was fantastic. I couldn't believe how hot it was and how much my body can sweat!!! It was much more challenging than I expected. Being in that kind of heat really changes your body's dynamics. Poses that usually come easy for me were more difficult to hold and my legs were super shaky for most of the class. It was fun and it was different and I'm so glad I tried it! I'm hoping that I can make at least one class a month to vary my yoga workouts and keep things interesting. 

So that's how I've been changing it up lately, what have you been up to?

Are you a person who loves routine or you like to change it up from time to time?

My challenge to you is to try one new thing this week and then report back! Maybe your new thing will be something that I'll want to try!

Enjoy your Tuesday,



  1. Oh my gosh Andrea! Love love love the new hair! You look amazing! And so jealous about the hot yoga it sounds fantastic!

    1. Aw thanks Sam!!! You and that baby bump are looking pretty fabulous as well :) Maybe after your little lady arrives we can hook up for a hot yoga class when you're home for a visit?!

  2. I like routine when it comes to some things, but I have been really itching to change up my job and daily routine. I think about other jobs that I could do and I get so excited to get up and go to a new place in the morning...and then I get down because I realize that I have to go to the same ol' job I've been going to. It's time to work on that! Getting my job situation in order is one of my goals for May!

    Love the new do! :)

    1. Kelly, you have no idea how much I agree with your 'job' comment! I would love to follow my passion if I could narrow down exactly what that was! LOL ...until then, I'm lucky to have Derek to keep me grounded and remind me of all the great qualities about my job (great people, awesome boss, stability...)

  3. ACK! Why would you want to move to Edmonton! London is so prettier! I actually like routine in some areas, though I have very few routines in my life! And I definitely want to try hot yoga sometime soon too!

    1. Derek has family in Edmonton that we love and miss like crazy and I swear it's the Rockies that get me...however I admit south definitely is my #1 choice!! :)

  4. Love the hair!!! I'm so jealous of the bangs. I would love to rock them but it just doesn't work for me.