Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dreams and Gardens

Hiya friends! I apologize for being MIA unexpectedly this past week but I have been uber busy being the best supportive wife ever to my husband. Derek recently had one of his biggest dreams come true and we've been busy little bees working on 'part 2' of that dream {sorry for the teaser - more info to come}

Seeing my husband so excited and emotional over something he's been dreaming about for more than 7 years is the best.thing.on.the.planet. Life has pretty much taken a backseat to all of our excitement.

I plan to be back to my regular blogging schedule starting tomorrow with a new What I Ate Wednesday post, but until then, I've got some new updated photos of my garden. Dare I say that I've become a true green thumb?!?!


My grandma is my gardening partner.
Check  out those tomato plants --- they go past her waist!

I am so incredibly giddy over this l'il garden of mine!!

Have a great day!



  1. We are so jealous of your amazing garden!!!! Plus I know Mom is enjoying working with you and getting the fresh veggies too!

  2. your garden is coming on nicely! are they pimpkin plants with the yellow flowers? I'm glad you're having good times with your husband - sometimes there are more important things than blogging :-)
    Duncan In Kuantan