Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Ate Wednesdsay

Happy Wednesday and welcome to August 1st!

Can you believe that we're halfway through the summer already! This is one of my favourite times of year because there are vegetable stands and farmers' markets popping up all over the place. Fresh local produce is definitely at it's prime right now and I have been eating boatloads of fresh veggies & fruit. I've even harvested a few cherry tomatoes, some baby spinach and lettuce from my very own garden...weeeeee!!!!


Egg Burrito filled with egg whites, salsa, black beans, corn and lettuce (from my garden)

I made these clean mini egg quiches on Sunday so I could enjoy them all week for lunch. They are so customizable and are super duper tasty. Mine are filled with shredded carrots, zucchini, red onion, sweet peppers, cajun seasoning and some leftover black bleans.

Fruity Tooty Snacks
Once I started this post, I realized that I've been loving me some fruit in between meals as my snacks. I've had a bunch of different things this week and here are 3 of my faves all of which used fresh local fruit picked by my sweet grandma!

Raspberry Coconut Protein Cake
(this is a recipe I'm still tweaking!)

Non-fat plain Greek Yogourt sweetened with stevia and a big handful of fresh blueberries

This was a scrumptious one! Fresh, local corn on the cob and butternut squash mac 'n cheeze with baby spinach --- fresh from my garden!!!

Thanks to Jenn for coming up with yet another great What I Ate Wednesday theme! Make sure you head on over to her site to see what other foodies have been munching on this week!

What is your favourite summertime food?

Have a fabulous day!

Andrea xoxo


  1. Your breakfast burrito and protein cake look delicious - my burritos are always a mess :P Other than the usual staples (cereal, ice cream, bread, nut butters, granola, apples, etc.) my favorite just-summer food is watermelon :)

    1. My wraps were always a mess too until a little sandwich place opened up near my office. They make the fullest, neatest wraps ever so I've picked up a few tips from them! Watermelon is definitely up there in my faves too!

  2. Everything looks delicous girl. Love the clean mini egg quiches. They are adorable (if food can be adorable lol) and such a good idea for breakfasts and lunches. I actually don't have a favorite "summertime meal". I eat basically the same foods all year round.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Food can definitely be long as it isn't too cute to eat LOL! Have a great day Jessie!

  3. Your breakfast burrito looks awesome! I usually always wake up craving something sweet, but I could totally go savory for this!