Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday - What I Love About Summer

Happy Friday! TGIF and welcome to the last long weekend of the summer. You know how I love my long weekends. I am ready to be done with this workday and home with 3 long luxurious days off ahead. Since it's the last Friday of what I consider to be the summer, I thought I'd focus my High Five for Friday on some of my favourite things from this summer. I am going to go a wee bit went a lot crazy on this one and am well over 5, but I have a feeling you'll forgive me!


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First and foremost, I'd have to say that my garden has been the absolute best. Are you sick of hearing about it yet?! I thought I would be sick-to-death of going there by now, but I'm not in the least! It changes so much over the course of a few days and I've had so much success that I think I may have caught the gardening bug. I'm also loving all the fresh produce; I'm saving a ton of money at the grocery store and I am enjoying the freshest of fresh veggies on a daily basis. I'm already thinking about how I will plan everything out next year, so that I can fit more stuff in my small plot of dirt.

The Toby Keith at Rogers Bayfest 2012 was another highligh of our summer. So. Much. Fun. This is the only concert that we've had time to get to. Outdoor concerts are the best and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to make it to a couple more before the weather gets too chilly.

You gotta have a red solo cup at a Toby Keith concert!!

Lifting weights is another love that I've developed over the past couple of months. It all started with Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer and even though I'm only loosely following it right now as my schedule permits, I've discovered that I love working my large muscle groups with weights. I had to step WAY out of my comfort zone to even enter the free weights area just a few short weeks ago and now I try to incorporate some sort of a weights routine into every workout. Who would've ever thought?! I'm so excited to see how my body transforms over the coming months :-)

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Source: Pinterest via Amy Smith

Another thing I've totally been loving is shellac manicures. I am a nail biter in situations where I'm tense, anxious or bored. I love the look of painted nails that have a little length and the shellac manicures have helped keep my nails strong (and bite free) so that I could grow them out. Having fingernails painted for 2 to 3 weeks without so much as a chip is awesome ---- I won't do it all the time because the acetone can wreak havoc on your nails and cuticles, but it is absolutely perfect for vacations or special events! This is the manicure I had done at LimeBlu last Saturday.

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Whew! Now that's what I call a post to cap off the summer.

What is one your most favourite things/memories from this summer?

Have a wonderful long weekend!



  1. shellac is literally the greatest thing in the world!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello :)

  2. Your garden is so impressive!! I live in an apartment complex, so I can't really do much, but whenever we buy a house, I most definitely want to garden! :)

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    Have a fabulous weekend!