Tuesday, September 4, 2012

See the Beauty in Your Own Backyard

Hiya! Happy Tuesday. I hope you had an awesome long weekend. Ours was really great, although I always wish it was a teensy weensy bit longer ~ don't we always?! We had the perfect balance of being out and about and enjoying the beautiful weather and spending some down time together at home. It really was perfect-o!

Derek and I love to travel. We love planning trips and heading somewhere new where we can meet the fascinating people and explore a new landscape. We've been to several places in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. We try to get away at least once a year, but we always head out of Canada to a foreign place. In fact, the only places that I've ever been to in Canada are in Ontario and Quebec. Derek and I have never been on a trip together to a new place in Canada. It really is a shame because our country has some really beautiful places ----- and I think we've been missing out.

You don't have to travel far to find beauty. All summer we've been talking about heading to the local parks and conservation areas to hike around and explore. Finally this weekend we made the time to do just that. We packed ourselves, the camera and some water in the car and took off to Rock Glen Conservation Area. It's only 20 minutes from home.

It was a really hot, humid  day, so we hiked the 3.5 km of trail and also explored a few of the less travelled paths.

Here are a few of the shots we were able to capture ~

Down, down, down we go....just remember what goes down must go up :-)

This was only about a third of the amount of stairs that we went down and then had to climb back up. We worked up quite the sweat climbing back up!

We were able to walk right down the river bed because it was really, really dry!

The conservation area is home to many varieties of trees.

It was a gorgeous, clear day. Not a cloud in the sky!

It was lovely, peaceful and serene....and right in our own backyard.

We really need to remember to open our eyes and appreciate the beauty right within our community. I think that we are very guilty of taking it all for granted and let me tell ya, it was so enjoyable (and a heck of a lot cheaper than going South!). We had a great day and it cost us about $10 (including gas to get there!!).

It was wonderful. 

I've now done a little searching around and I've found a couple of sites that list out all the trails that we can explore in Southern Ontario. I see many hiking day trips in our future and I can't wait!!

Do you take the time to explore your local community? What is your fave local spot?

Have a wonderful day,


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  1. Love, love and the weather looks much nicer than our weekend here in the 'south'....you need to use that camera more often - the pics are great!