Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Belated Weekend Update

Howdy! I know I'm a wee bit late for a weekend review, but I've been battling one heck of a head/sinus cold and I just haven't been able to put together a coherent group of sentences for the past few days. Even though I wasn't feeling 100%, I still had a really, really great weekend and I wanted to share some of highlights with y'all.

On Saturday, I headed to the Wellesley Apple Butter & Cheese Festival with Debbie, Judy and Mary - 3 of my friends from work.

Obviously, if you're going to an apple festival, the first thing you must do is enjoy some apple fritters. Apparently the entire town thought the same thing because the line up for fritters was HUGE.

Lucky for us, the volunteers had the art of making fritters down to a science and it took no time at all for each of us to get our own bag of deep fried apple deliciousness.

Oh, yeah!

I would have been pretty thrilled if that was the climax of our day,
but there was so much more to this festival.

This is an annual one-day event in the Town of Wellesley and it seemed that everyone in town was involved. The weather was perfect and everyone and their uncle were out enjoying the day. Everytime you turned a corner, there were more things to see, hear, do and EAT!

This was my favourite part of the day.

Some ol' fellas got together on someone's front porch and started playing and singing together.

Their music reminded me of East Coast folk music. It was awesome!

Just down the street from that, another person had set up this old fashioned ice cream maker in their driveway and was making vanilla ice cream sundaes. We shared a couple of caramel sundaes and they were totally swoon-worthy!

John Deere ain't just for plowin' fields y'all!

Once we'd walked from one end of town to the other,
we hitched a ride with this guy to the local apple butter & cider mill.

We got a tour of the mill and then got a taste of some apple cider that had been made two days earlier. Oh man, there are no words for that cider. It was the best I'd ever tasted! 

The town is a lovely place. All proceeds from the festival go to improving the town and
it shows that this is a loved and well-cared for community.


...now, don't think you're getting away from me yet! My great weekend didn't end there.... 

I was up bright and early again on Sunday to participate in the CIBC Run/Walk for a Cure with my grandma and friend, Debbie. This is the third year that we've done it together. 


This event is especially close to my heart because my grandma is an 11 year breast cancer survivor and it means so much that we get to do this together every year.

I am proud to say that we participated in the event in London, Ontario, where a total of $713,659.51 was raised. Can I get a Woot Woot because that is freakin' amazing!!

Afterwards,  my grandma and I went for some lattes at Starbucks ~ pumpkin spice for me and white chocolate mocha for her - and then I went home and slept the afternoon away. I was pooped by then!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Have an amazing day and I will see you tomorrow with a new What I Ate Wednesday post,


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  1. I wish I could enjoy apple butter. When I was a kid I used to eat it all the time at daycare and to this day it still grosses me out because of that. However, I could get on board with some fritters!