Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! We made it through this super hot week and not only is there a weekend ahead, but the weather Gods are also calling for a break in this crazy humidity! Thank freakin' goodness - I am dying for a couple of frizz-free hair days :-)

After a crazy week away, I finally am starting to feel like I'm back in the groove of my normal routine, so I thought it'd be a good week to share some highlights that have made me smile. Thanks to Lauren for hosting this weekly link up par-tay of all things fabulous.


1. There were a couple of days this week when this was totally me.

This was posted by one of my Facebook friends and I don't know where she found it, so unfortunately I'm not able to reference for you. If you happen to know, please let me know so I can give credit :)

2. The weather this week was perfect beer drinkin' weather, but instead I made myself the most fabulous strawberry lime spritzer. Too.Die.For. (and much better for the waistline)

3. Speaking of waistlines, I've been heading to the gym early every morning this week. My main reason is because I'd rather get ready for work there instead of at home where I'm sweating my make up off as fast I'm applying it. I tried this workout by Courtney yesterday. It made my bum muscles burn ... which is a good thing considering all the shorts and swimsuits I'll be sporting over the next several weeks.
Check out this link for more of Courtney's workout routines
- I've really like her treadmill routines!

4. I really need a new swimsuit and I want something a little different this year.
I am in LOVE with this.

5. Now that I've started pulling out all of my shorts & summer wear, I've noticed I'm looking just a little bit pasty. I just got this bronzer from Mark and I am in love.
It gives a perfectly subtle glow.

So there's some of my 'happy' things from the week,

What's made you smile?

Have a great day,




  1. On groupon the other day I saw that they were referencing your review for groceries! Such a celeb ;)

  2. Haha - very cool! That online organics company is pretty awesome :-) I'm thinking that might be my '15 minutes of fame' LOL

  3. That spritzer loos wonderful. I'll have to try it out. And I love the swimsuit; I just got my first dress from Shabby Apple and now I want my whole wardrobe to ne bought there.