Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday ~ Back on the healthy train

Happy Wednesday! Oh how I've missed you over the past couple of weeks :)

There was only one thing that I really, really wish I'd snapped a picture of last week. Gigi's Cupcakes!!! Have you heard of them? Tried them? Do you love????? {SIGH} I <3 them with a passion. My faves were Merry Margarita and Southern Comfort. Hands down my fave cupcakes ever but perhaps not the most responsible of snack choices when we're supposed to be focussing on healthy and responsible snacks --- all in moderation my friends, all in moderation ;-), ahem....let's stop talking about all my indiscretions and focus on all the good stuff I've been munching on since I got home from Nashville. I promise that I've redeemed myself with some healthy yumminess.


Egg white scramble with veggies, cheddar and a pinch of cajum seasoning to spice things up. With coffee, of course!

Pre-workout, I've been really lovng a plain brown rice cake with natural PB & J --- tastes like my childhood!

Fresh fruit is also another current fave. Fresh local strawberries are pure heaven!!!

Salads and more salads....unfortunately, I've been more interested in catching up on my fave blogs during my lunch breaks and I've munched my salads down without so much as a picture. I've been sticking to my fave combo of  sundried tomatoes, goat cheese and dijon -- always a winner in my book!

Spicy & Mexican. Yummmmmm......brown rice topped with black beans, corn and veggies followed by white cheddar con queso, jalapenos, black olives, tomatoes, guac and plain Greek yogourt. Holy deliciousness. This was last night's dinner. HEAVENLY good.

So, there are some of my eats....what have you been munching on this week? If you're looking for more snacking and meal inspiration, head on over and visit Jenn at Peas & Crayons and check out her weekly WIAW party. You'll find tons and tons of foodie ideas over there!

What is your fave cupcake flavour?

Do your eating habits tend to change depending on the season?

Have a great day and check back tomorrow for a refreshing bevie recreation!



  1. I just started eating rice cakes with almond butter! Love it! My eating definitely changes with the seasons. I eat seasonally and during the summer I plan meals that require little to no cooking. Not in the mood for hot dishes and or turning on the stove/oven very often. Lots of fruit during the summer!

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  2. I love pb&j on a rice cake and your salad looks yummy!

  3. Wow-- that Mexican dinner is making me drool at 7:45 am!

  4. I don't think I have a fave cupcake flavor - I like them all as long as they have a filling haha. I don't like the ones without fillings cause they are so boring to me. lol Happy WIAW to you! :)

  5. Your dinner looks awesome! Its like nachos, but with brown rice instead of that idea!

  6. That dinner looks SO good - I've been on a slight mexican kick lately and anything with a mexican kick has my mouth watering ;)

  7. Yumm I have been craving mexican food for ages! Agreed, it looks like nachos made with brown rice.. That could be a hit!:)