Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am personally so happy to see this humpity hump day arrive. I don't know why, but I have been so stinkin' sleepy this week and the coming weekend is a long one for us Canadians (Happy Canada Day!), so I am hoping to spend some late mornings tucked away in my comfy cozy bed. Ah....sleeping in. That is one luxury that Derek & I rarely get and absolutely cherish when we do!

Of course, I also love Wednesdays because I just love sharing my weekly eats with you. I haven't been the best at taking pics of my snacks this week, but I have had some pretty great meals that should tantalize your taste buds.

Coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, an apple
and a multigrain bagel thin with all-natural peanut butter.

Mid-Morning Snack
More. Caffeine.

Island Coconut coffee. Delish and smells absolutely divine.

Oh boy, do I have a new recipe for you....tomorrow.

Mini taco wonton bites.

Grilled portabello mushroom caps, half a steamed sweet potato and grilled corn & cheddar quinoa.


Tastebuds tickled?!

For even more mouth-watering meal ideas, head on over to Peas & Crayons
to check out Jenn's What I Ate Wednesday page.

Do you like flavoured coffee? What's your fave flave?

What do you do to keep energized on days when you can barely hold your eyes open?
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day,



  1. That coffee sounds delicious! Where is it from? PS: Those taco bites are making me HUNGRY!

  2. I love that flavor of Keurig, but it's so hard to find...I think it's seasonal?

  3. Hazelnut and French vanilla are the only coffee/creamer flavors I really like. Everything else just gets in the way. And I can't wait for the recipe for those wonton tacos. I loveloveLOVE little finger foods like that.