Thursday, July 5, 2012

LiveFit Trainer: Week One


So how goes it?!

Things around here have been cah-razy busy with meal planning, food preppin', early (really early) workouts, <gulp> lots of weights at the gym and some seriously sore muscles. I'm talking so sore that it hurt to lift my hair straightener to my head yesterday morning :-( No jokes!

I am super excited to share the new plan my friend, Natasha, and I have committed to. We have just started Jamie Eason's 12 Week LiveFit Trainer. The program is absolutely FREE and we started on July 2nd and will end just before the end of September. The timing (hello summer!) is maybe not ideal, but there is always a reason why not to start. We took a week to research and review the program and then we both jumped in with 100% commitment. Seriously, there is no better time to start than the present.

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At first, I was absolutely terrified about the workouts. There is NO cardio during weeks 1 through 4, which is a completely foreign concept to me. I love cardio; in fact that's pretty much all I do in combination with core and strength training group classes. As you know, I avoid the free weights area of my gym like the plague, but this week I've been forced to venture in there every single day. I'm pretty proud of myself because I decided to jump into this program headfirst and I have completed every single thing so far! This workout schedule is waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone but I know I'm going to be a stronger, more fit woman when I'm done! I've conquered those free weights like nobody's business and I feel awesome (sore, but awesome haha!).

For me, the easier part of this plan is the food. I'm happy to eat boatloads of veggies and Greek Yogourt everyday. My biggest challenge so far is ensuring I get the proper amount of protein because many of the meals call for lean meats. My plan this weekend is to sit down and do some research to make sure that I am substituting an adequate amount of  vegetarian protein to my diet. Jamie's meal plan is very, very clean and I am really excited to see what results I'm going to see and feel with my body.

My hopes with this program is that I lose body fat and gain some muscle tone. The thoughts of having trim and toned shoulders and arms is so freakin' exciting!!! I'm also hoping that I create strong enough habits that I am able to maintain the clean diet after the 12 weeks are up. My plan is to update you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as to my progress. I did take "before" pictures and I'm planning to continue taking pics at the beginning of each week. Let's just say that if I needed any additional motivation, one look at those before pictures will send me straight to the gym! I'm not real happy with myself for slipping back into old habits because I definitely have taken a few steps back with my weight and body image right now. I try not to focus on past missteps though and right now my focus is on moving forward to meeting my new goals.

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Amen to that sista'!!!
I've always wanted to be fit and strong to the point that I could rock a bikini down the beach with total confidence. This really resonated with me because I really, really want to see what my body and my will are capable of! I'm turning 35 later this year, so this is going to be my birthday gift to myself!

I hope you check back to see my progress and support me on my journey. If you have or are taking part in the LiveFit program, let me know so I can keep track of you and support you on your journey as well!

Do you have goals or dreams that you've always wanted, but just never buckled down and accomplished?

What inspires you?

Have a good one,



  1. very fun! here program is great and I am certain you will love it!

    1. So far so good --- I really am loving it! I never thought I'd see the day when I look forward to a weights workout, but I actually do LOL!!!