Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday & Fitness Fanatic!

Hiya! Happy Wednesday. Can you believe this is the last Wednesday of July 2012??? I know I'm probably sounding repetitive here, but where in the heck has this year gone?!?! I've seen a few comments out there from people who are already looking forward to the comfort foods of Fall for goodness sake --- hey man, I love me some comfort food, but I still have an entire garden of veggies to enjoy, so for now I`m sticking to salads, stirfries and lots of fresh, delicious summery food!

On Monday, I started Week #4 of Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer and I continue to feel great! I've been sticking to my clean eats and following the workout plan and things are going really, really well! Check out what I've been munching on this week:

I continue to flip flop between protein pancakes and veggie/egg white scrambles. They're quick and easy and oh so tasty.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already will have seen a glimpse of this awesome lunch! On Monday, I made up some Salad in a Jar combos. These ones had a Mexi-theme (black beans. brown rice, sweet potato, green onion, orange peppers, tomato, shredded cheddar and mixed greens). Instead of using a fat-laden salad dressing, I mashed up half an avocado with sugar-free salsa. This was the freakin' bomb-digity of salads my friends!!!!

All packed and ready for lunch.

Salad unloaded....AH-MAZING!!!!

One thing I've found myself craving this week is something sweet. Last night I whipped a batch of raspberry lemon popsicles. Mmmmmm.....

Oh baby, Sunday night's dinner was deeelish! I had grilled 'shrooms, half a steamed sweet potato and a huge salad. I've been attempting to make a healthy recreation of one of my fave salads --- the Olive Garden salad. This was one of my best ones yet and I promise that I'll share a recipe as soon as it is perfected! This was a meal fit for a king :-)

And now we come to fitness....I'm in Week #4 of LiveFit!!! This is a huge accomplishment and I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it. Dare I say that I'm starting to get my very own set of guns???

Pow pow --- I have muscles, I really, really DO!!! hehe

This week my workout schedule's going to look a little like this:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - back/biceps
Wednesday - shoulders/abs
Thursday - chest/triceps
Friday - legs
Saturday - yoga & back/biceps
Sunday - rest

Next week, we add cardio back in (excited!!) and our workouts increase to 6 days per week. I think I'm going to get a royal butt kicking --- I'm feeling a little out of shape in terms of my cardiovasciular health, so we shall see how things go the first day where I have to add 30 minutes of moderate cardio. I'm hoping that I will start to burn more fat and that my body will start to lean out.

So thank you once again to Jenn for hosting this weekly foodie shindig. If you're looking for more food & fitness inspiration, make sure you head on over to her site to see what other bloggers have been up to.

What is your favourite popsicle flavour?

What body part do you like working out the most?

Have a great day,




  1. I love your lunch idea of salad in a jar! Looks amazing!

  2. I really need to make salad in a jar that is such a good idea!

  3. I need to make salad in a jar asap! They look so fresh and flavorful, especially with lots of guacamole! Your popsices look incredible, too:)