Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday ~ Clean Eats & LiveFit continued...

Happy Wednesday! And how are you on the gorgeous day? Things have been going pretty fabulously around here. I'm very proud to say that I'm in the middle of LiveFit Week 2 and I am feeling really, really good! The clean eating is going very well (the only time it's challenging is when I get the munchies right before bed) and I'm really enjoying the workouts - much to my surprise!


Since this is What I Ate Wednesday, I'm going to start with my eats and then give you a quick rundown of my workouts. Remember, clean, mindful eating and exercise are the two essential components to getting healthy and staying that way! I truly believe you need both in order to live a long, healthy life.

Here's a peek into my eats this week:

I have finally found a protein pancake that I cannot live without. On the weekend, I tried a banana bread protein pancake (recipe by PJ Fingers) with a cup o' joe on the side, of course! It was dense and pancake-y and totally delicious. I ended up making 2 extra batches, so that I could have some for this coming week. All you have to do is freeze and toast. Mmmm....weekday pancakes are a treat around this house!

I am still swooning over sprouted whole grain toast with smashed avocado. Add a little sea salt and you have the best snack on the planet. On the weekend, I had some avo toast with an egg white scramble on the side. In my scramble was tempeh 'bacon', green onions & some grape tomatoes. Yummers!

I can't keep out of my raspberry cheesecake protein pops. They are so freakin' good! I'm also eating tons of Greek yogourt mixed with Truvia and unsweetened cocoa. I'm thinking I need to nickname myself the "Queen of Sinless Treats" :-)

This was one of the lonely girl meals I had when Derek was away this past weekend. A lightened up version of sweet potato homefries, marinated honey dijon tofu & sauteed kale with mushrooms was on the menu. A rainbow on the plate is a major dose of healthy in the belly!

Are you weak in the knees over all that amazingness up there?! haha

You might recall from my posts last week that I am currently in Phase 1 of Jamie Eason's 12 Week LiveFit Trainer. Right now we are doing 4 days of weights and still NO cardio. The no cardio part is taking a bit of time to get used to and so is working out only 4 days per week. I was starting to feel restless over the weekend and considered going to a step class, but I didn't. I do have plans to go to a yoga class on Saturday with a friend, so I'm hoping that will fill my workout gap. My workout schedule this week is going to look a little like this.

Monday - Chest & Triceps
Wednesday - Back & Biceps
Thursday or Friday  - Legs
Saturday - Khundalini Yoga
Sunday - Shoulders & Abs

Not too shabby right?! I know I shouldn't complain at all about the workouts at this point because they're a total breeze compared to what's coming up! Remind me that I was wishing for more when I'm complaining that I can't move from sore muscles mmmmkay?!

If you're looking for more meal and fitness inspiration, head on over to Peas & Crayons and check out Jenn's What I Ate Wednesday pages.

What is your favourite summertime snack?

If you could do just one workout per week, what would it be?

Have a great day,



  1. Your lunch looks so good!

    My summertime go to snack (well actually year round snack) would have to be some sort of smoothies. They are always so refreshing, and i swear I can never get enough of em! :)

  2. I love your "lonely girl" dinner....doesnt look too lonely to me-looks so delicious! I like your addition of dijon to the tofu-what a great pair! I can't eat enough kale and sweet potatoes!

  3. My favourite summertime snack is WATERMELON! Can live on it during the summer time... sweet, hydrating and refreshing :)

  4. Your sweet potato home fries look SO good :)
    Awesome dinner!