Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greek Salad Pitas

Happy Sunday everyone --- I hope your weekend has been absolutely fabulous so far. I've been off since Friday and I've been loving the extra time away from work, however I haven't accomplished a single thing I was planning to do around home! Thankfully I have 4 days off for the Easter weekend, so I'm planning to make myself a to-do list and tackle some tasks around home that are long overdue.

Derek & I have had a fun weekend so far. We've been really busy and not had much time to spend together lately, so we were so happy to be off on Friday. We went out for breakfast and then were out and about most of the day doing errands and some running around.

Derek was bartending on Friday night. It was karaoke night, so that's where I ended up later in the evening. I met up with some friends and we had a great time.

Unfortunately, as a result of my "over indulgence" and apparent love for shooters, most of yesterday was spent here.....

drinking this....


All in all it was a fun night filled with lots of laughs, singing (oh yeah, baby I sing...especially once I get some "liquid" courage) and dancing. My quads and glutes are still sore today :-)

Yesterday, while nursing myself back to health I watched a ton of cheesy romantic comedies. I watched The Ugly Truth for the second or third time. The movie is not what I would call Oscar-worthy, but I could stare at this ALL.DAY.LONG.
I have one word to describe this: YUMMY

There's nothing like a sexy Irishman to get rid of a hangover ;-)

Today I'm pretty much feeling back to normal. I was up early, went to the gym for my weekly kick-your-butt step class and came home with a major appetite. Tonight we're going out with my in-laws for Chinese, so I wanted to have something that was super delish to satisfy my hunger, but light enough that I wouldn't feel too guilty filling up tonight, so I decided to whip up a quick greek salad pita.

Last week whole grain pitas were on sale. Sadly, when I got my pitas home and opened up the package, I was not impressed to find most of the pitas broken or ripped. I was able to salvage one half pita for today's lunch, however I think I see some pita chips and hummus in my very near future.

I didn't follow any recipe for this nor did I take any measurements.

All you do is make up a small serving of your favourite greek salad. I used baby spinach, tomato, cucumber, black sliced olives and feta cheese.

Instead of using a bottled salad dressing, I whipped up my own quick version. I whisked together 1 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp fresh lemon juice, dried oregano, salt and pepper to taste. It was very tangy and fresh; perfect for Spring!

 I tossed the dressing with my greek salad.

Next, I warmed up my pita in the microwave for 15 seconds and immediately stuffed it full of my salad mixture.

It was gone before I even bothered to get myself a plate out of the cupboard! Quick and easy, yet still healthy and delicious!

Now I'm off to spray off my muddy dogs (thanks Mother Nature for the rain and sleet) and get back to my comfy couch until we have to leave for dinner.

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful.

What's your favourite pita stuffer?
What was the best part of your weekend?



  1. This looks great! I love Greek salad and this is so quick and easy!

  2. I think the Ugly Truth is so funny and it doesn't hurt to look at that hunk all day long! I love your Greek pita, so yum :D