Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our First Spring Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone!! Dare I say that Spring has finally arrived in Southwestern Ontario. We are having the most goregous warm weather. Instead of my usual recipe sharing, today I want to share some of my favourite things from the past 2 days.

Do you see the green in there---my flowerbeds are starting to come alive!

The dogs love the warm weather too.
I love seeing them rip around the backyard playing and wrestling and having a grand ol' time 
(here they're trying to work out the best place to dig their next hole <sigh>)

See the nest? They've almost knocked down some of the redneck crap decor on Derek's shed while building it. I hope it stays put! Hopefully I'll have some baby photos to share in the next few weeks.

Mmmm....cream puffs. I bought these as a birthday treat for Derek. We got them from an old school bakery that still has an old fashioned cash register! All of their recipes have been handed down over the generations and these cream puffs are hands down the best on earth. 

Hi. My name is Andrea and I'm a sprinkles addict.
Thanks to Jessica at How Sweet It Is for re-igniting my love of the sprinkle.

Vanilla cupcakes with pink sprinkles. So pretty.
Who cares if it's a boy's birthday?! One taste & he'll get over it. Thank you Betty Crocker :-)

The easiest peanut butter cookie recipe ever. I added chocolate chips ~ oh yeahhh!
I've made these twice in as many weeks and everyone loves them! 

Meet the Peach Bellini. We're going out for dinner with friends tonight for Derek's birthday and I'm hoping to have one of these because they have been on my mind for the past few days (I think the warm weather is creating cravings for frozen drink creations). He hasn't 'decided' where he would like to go to eat. I have made my suggestion although he'll go anywhere there's beer :-)

I hope you have a fabulous day!!

What was the highlight of your weekend so far?



  1. Peanut butter cookies WITH chocolate chips?!?!? Sign me up!!!

    Your dogs are adorable!! Do you ever have trouble telling them apart? They look identical to me!

  2. The cookies are fab ~ I sent the rest with Derek to work today because I couldn't stop eating them :-)

    My dogs are adorable aren't they? They actually do look quite different and they both have unique personalities so it is quite easy to tell them apart when you get to know them :-)

  3. Peach bellinis are what dreams are made of. I had one this weekend and I thought to myself "how come you don't drink those more often?!"

  4. Glad Spring finally came for you! So many sprinkles, I love it :) Cupcakes and Cookies? Omgggg my mouth is watering!

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