Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skor Bar Trifle

Happy Sunday and to those of you who celebrate Easter ~ Happy Easter!!

I don't know what has come over me, but I have yet another sinfully delicious dessert to share with you today. Let's just say I'm going to be hitting the gym extra hard this week to make up for all of my indulgences this weekend. I'm even planning to go to a 6:15 a.m. spin class tomorrow and I have the day off!!

My friend, Judy, brought this dessert to our potluck (it is the one thing that is always in high demand) and I knew I just had to make it for one of our family dinners this weekend.

I know, I know ~ I'm a little late for those of you who have to bring dessert to Sunday dinner, but hopefully you have another meal planned with family and friends in the very near future. Or you could just whip one up to wow your family with, but be warned, it will not last in your refrigerator long. You'll be tempted to sneak itty bitty spoonfuls every time you pass by the refrigerator door. My plan is to give any leftovers away so none comes home with us. That way we can have a small taste today and then it's out of the house!!

This is a super easy recipe. Today I used all packaged/pre-made stuff, but you can definitely tweak it and use your favourite recipes if you prefer.

Skor Bar Trifle
Recipe by my dear friend, Judy (if you love beading and jewellery, check out her blog here)

This recipe is gorgeous to look at and sinfully delicious to eat. It will make all the chocolate lovers in your family go weak in the knees. Really, it's THAT good!

2 boxes of fudgy brownie mix, prepared ~ makes a 9x13 pan 
2 boxes of chocolate mousse
4 c. whipped cream (I used Cool Whip), thawed
4 Skor bars, chopped

Get our your favourite clear trifle bowl. You'll need a fairly large bowl for this or you could do a smaller trifle by cutting the ingredients in half.

Once the brownies are completely cool, break them into chunks.

This pan is as old as the hills, but it is one of those pans that I love. I think it's an old cake pan from my grandma. Nothing sticks, everything bakes evenly and I always have success when using it!

Prepare the chocolate mousse according to the package directions.  

Now you're ready to start building your trifle! I do 3 sets of layers starting in this order (from the bottom up): brownie, topped with chocolate mousse, topped with Cool Whip, topped with Skor ~ repeat two more times.

End by sprinkling the remaining Skor bar on top. I also used some leftover mini eggs I had. They're festive and I really didn't want them in my house tempting me.

I have to admit, Judy's layers look much better than mine, but it still tastes awesome!

Everytime Judy has made this or I have taken this to a dinner or potluck it is a huge success. Everyone loves this dessert. Bring copies of the recipe with you because people are going to ask you for it!! 

I also made some vanilla pudding cookies with chopped up mini eggs (in place of chocolate chips). These are really, really good. Check out Maria's recipe here.

What is your all-time favourite holiday dessert??
What are your plans for this glorious Sunday?

I hope you have a gorgeous day filled with the love and laughter of your family and friends...and maybe a couple of these ;-)


P.S. - Keep an eye out tomorrow because I am planning to share a very healthy recipe to get back on the road to being fit & fab!!


  1. I love trifle cakes! That looks so good!I ate 2 cookies and a piece of cheesecake yesterday! Back on track today!

  2. Omg what a delicious looking trifle! I love all the layers :) Hope you had a fabulous Easter! :D

  3. THANK YOU! I love, love, love this trifle and always forgot to ask Judy how she made it.

  4. soooooo sinfully delicious!
    it looks awesome!
    happy Easter to you, too :o)

  5. Holy moly that looks good. Skor bars are my absolute favorite candy bar. Seriously I think I tried to lick my screen.