Friday, February 3, 2012

High Five for Friday #2

Is it Friday again already?! Thank goodness, because work has been cah-razy around here and I am really looking forward to a couple of days off!

Once again I'm linking up to Lauren's Friday party, so thanks doll for hosting this little shindig
 - it's nice to remember all the happy things after a long, long week!

Here are a few things that have made me smile this week :)

Fave Pin
You all know how addicted I am to Pinterest. I love this idea for a summer barbecue - individual mixed drinks served in mason jars - so country, so fab!
Pinned Image

Fave Product
So I haven't bought it yet, but after reading the Fitnessista's post today, I feel that I NEED this nailpolish.
Colour: Fishnet Stockings

Kinda perfect for February, right?!
fishnet stockings

Fave Foodie
There's 2 I have to mention here :-)

I have been {swooning} over Kimberly Snyder's Green Smoothie.
I make two days' worth and store it in my cute little mason jar.

 I also am in love with this roasted tomato pasta.
It was so easy and tasted ah-frickin-mazing!

Fave Wordie Inspiration
Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean wrote an awesome post, What's In a Jean Size and she included this in the post.
The post is a great read and for some reason this just really struck a chord with me.
210 Whats in a Jean Size

So those are the things that are making me happy right now.
What's helping you to get through the day?

Have a great Friday!



  1. I'm your newest follower! As much as I love a DIY/fashion blog, I've been looking for food/veg/vegan/dessert bloggers! YAY! Can't wait to look through all of your recipes!

  2. Hey Doll!! Happy Weekend!!

    Ahhh I love this idea of the bevy's in jars on ice! So cute and would be perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding I think!!

    I love your posts girl!


  3. I love the Five Friday idea! I feel like I could do a "Five Fave" everyday with hoe many great things/photos there are on Pinterest. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Love green smoothies and that is just the perfect quote. Oh, and who doesn't love a great mason jar?!