Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's What I Ate Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday - and how are you on this unseasonably fabulous day?!

Life is moving along at warp speed and I'm just trying to keep up these days! Derek's still working 2 jobs, which means I'm having lots and lots of lonely girl meals. The good thing about cooking for one???? I get to eat whatever I want including stuff that Derek wouldn't touch- yay me!!!

This month Jenn has challenged us to veg-ify our meal posts - that's pretty easy for this vegetarian chickee!!!

I'm back into the routine of having a warm lemon water to start my day off, followed by a green smoothie. I've been following Kimberly Snyder's recipe that includes water, spinach, romaine, apple, celery, pear and banana. It's delish and look how many fabulous greens are packed into this one powerful drink! I make enough for 2 days, so I only have to pull the blender out 3 times a week.

On Sunday, I cooked up a big ol' pot of quinoa and I've been making up a bunch of different meals with it. For lunch, I've been loving this quinoa salad, which includes wilted baby spinach, sweet onion, yellow pepper, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese....mmm, life is better with goat cheese....and lots of veggies :)

For afternoon snackages, I've been eating lots of fruit. Oranges, apples, strawberries or pineapple have been my fruit of choice lately. These strawberries are surprisingly sweet for February!!!

We've also been loving some homemade banana bread. Recipe to come soon :)

For dinner, I had a grilled veggie wrap with goat cheese (of course!) and some butternut squash fries. Delish! Grilled and roasted veggies are my fave way to go in the winter months, so this dinner is pretty much perfect if you ask me!

As a night cap, I've been snuggling up with some good TV and a warm glass of water with fresh ginger, lemon juice and a dash of Truvia. It's tasty and cleansing!

Another week, another fabulous eats post! Are you inspired??? If you're looking for more foodie inspiration head on over and visit Jenn at Peas & Crayons. There are meal ideas for everyone.

What's been your favourite meal this week?


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  1. I am excited for your banana bread recipe.. it's one of my favorite types of bread :)
    And goat cheese is something I need to have back in my life pronto! Great eats!

    1. Definitely go get some goat cheese girl! I eat it on everything from egg scrambles to wraps to's the best!

  2. Homemade banana bread is my absolute favorite.

    1. Me too! My grandma always made it for us, so it's one of my childhood faves :-)

  3. Oooo girl!! I need this banana bread recipe!! I hope it goes up nice and soon :)


    1. Hmmmm - a challenge I'm thinking?! I need to figure out a grain-free version for you :-D

  4. The quinoa sounds great! I swear, the addition of goat cheese makes pretty much anything better!

  5. Hot water with lemon and ginger? That sounds so fresh and clean, definitely want to try it! I'll add extra fresh ginger to tea, but just simple with lemon sounds perfect.