Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Here we are at Sunday night yet again. It doesn't seem to matter if my weekend is jam-packed with plans or if I have nothing to do but the usual errands and some jobs around the house. It always flies by! My weekend turned out to be pretty fab, how about you - did you have a good weekend too?

Yesterday started off with a 90 minute Kundalini Yoga class followed by a skinny chai tea latte with some of the girls from class.

This morning ritual has become one of my favourite things to do each weekend. We all joke that we are completely 'blissed out' by the time we head our separate ways, but for me it's kind of true. I'm relaxed and I'm happy and I'm energized for the rest of my day.

I then went and met my grandma for lunch and some shopping at the Bulk Barn. I was happy we could squeeze in a trip to the Bulk Barn because there were quite a few things I've been wanting to pick up. I got some Valentine's Day baking supplies, coconut flour, almond flour and chickpea flour (stay tuned for some new and exciting recipes!), a Camino Fair-Trade Equitable 80% dark chocolate bar and some Yogi Green Kombucha Decaf herbal tea. 

I also made a trip to the grocery store to restock my fridge with lots of fruits and veggies. 

I have a tendency to buy WAAAAYYYYY too much!

On Saturday I was gone from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. What a crazy day! By the time I got home, I was pooped. Thankfully, Derek was also pooped when he got home from work, so we lazed around all evening watching Hockey Night in Canada and hitting the sack by 11 p.m.

I'm happy to report that I didn't leave the house today. I loved every minute at home! In the morning, I relaxed with multiple cups of coffee and a made for TV movie. Then I did some serious work in the kitchen.

Now what was that? You're dying to know what I was busy doing in the kitchen?!

I went crazy with some Valentine's Day sweets. On the menu....

Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes (a Weight Watchers recipe) and white chocolate dipped strawberries with some absolutely fabulous sprinklage.

I also made Angela's Vegan Chocolate Macaroon Truffles and some white chocolate dipped pretzels with even more sprinklage.

I was in the mood for making treats, but we're trying to lose a few pounds, so I packed up the goods and will be sending most of them off to some special peeps tomorrow.

After I washed the 208 dishes that I dirtied, the dogs and I chilled out while watching Breaking Dawn - I feel like I've waited forever to watch this movie and now it's going to be torture until part 2 comes out. Are you a Twilight fan??

Yeah guys, don't worry about me. I'll just go lie on the love seat :)

 Other than taste testing my goodies and drinking a ridiculous amount of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, I didn't eat a whole lot of nutritious food today, so I whipped a ginormous green salad and some quinoa veggie patties for dinner. It was perfect. 

So that's my weekend in a nut shell. All that's left is some TV (I'm a Showcase junkie on Sunday nights) and then bed. What have you been up to?

Any big plans for the upcoming week?

Have a great evening - see you on the flip side!


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  1. Oooo what a nice weekend and being blissed out is fab, huh?? A 90 min class?? Rock it girl!!

    Ahhh there are days that I love being home all day too!!! there is something about being lazy that you just need to fuel your soul, am I right or what? LOL!!

    These mini treats look AMAZING!!!