Saturday, July 16, 2011

There's Somethin' About a Cowboy......

....that makes me go WEAK in the knees!!

Last night my friend Lisa and I headed off to Sarnia Rogers Bayfest. On the bill, one of my all-time favourite Canadian artists, George Canyon, followed by Montgomery Gentry and Trace Adkins.

What a show! There's nothing better than an outdoor concert in the summertime and add some hunky cowboys and you've got yourself a night to remember!

We danced and we sang and we drank a few cold ones and it was a FABULOUS night!

First up was one of my all-time favourite Canadian artists.

Meet George.

George Canyon was an awesome first act. My husband has a huge "man crush" on him and we've seen him a dozen times. We've also had the opportunity to meet him and not only is he an amazing country artist, but he has a huge heart and a very kind spirit. When he talks about his family or visiting the Canadian military in Afghanistan it often gives me goose bumps.

Me and George....we're tight ;-)

Check out how close we are to the stage!! VIP is the way we roll!

Next up was Montgomery Gentry.

I saw them once on Independence Day at Murray State University in Kentucky. That was years ago and they are still put on the same high energy entertaining show! They've got tons of great hits and we sang our little hearts out.

And Troy Gentry??? I have one word for you: Yummy.

sadly my photos weren't the greatest for Montgomery Gentry and they just don't do them justice

It was really, really hot out and these guys still gave us an awesome show!
They had to be sooo hot up there!

Trace Adkins closed the night. I was super excited to see him live, but I  have to say he wasn't quite what I expected. He didn't engage the crowd like the first two acts and while he was good, I think I liked the first two better.

However, normally I'm not into middle-aged men with long hair, but this man is SEXY. I don't know what it was about him, but he oozed sex appeal. Or maybe it was the 6 or 7 Coors Light we'd had by then. I can't say for sure, but I do know that every woman in the place was picking her jaw up off the ground.

He has the deepest, sexiest twang you've ever heard!

All in all we had an absolutely amazing time. This was Lisa's first time out since having her baby boy, Logan, and it was so nice to spend a night together!

If you've never been to an outdoor concert event, you really need to go!! Give a country concert a chance, the thing I love is that these artists have amazing voices and genuine talent. They don't need all the glitz and effects to have a good show because they rock all on their own.

What are you up to this weekend?
What was the best concert you've ever been to? I have been to lots and it's hard to narrow it down, but I think my faves would be George Canyon, Brad Paisley and the Elton John/Billy Joel tour.

Enjoy your night,