Monday, February 14, 2011

My Sweeties

February 14th is a special day at our house....but it's not because it's Valentine's Day. My husband, Derek proposed to me 12 years ago. Never in my life did I think that I would receive a proposal on Valentine's Day, so it was a wonderful, unexpected surprise. We just celebrated our 10th Anniversary (in November) in the Mayan Riviera by renewing our was wonderful.

This is one my all-time favourite photos ever.

I also have two other very special sweeties I can't forget to mention.

Hank (aka Hell on Wheels ~ can't you tell by that grin)

Dora (aka L'il Sweetheat ~ most days)

Derek says I kiss them more than I kiss him ~ um, it's true....oops ;-)

I hope you all have a very wonderful Monday evening. Whether February 14th means something to you or it doesn't, think about those who are closest to you and let them know how special they are. It's important that they know that they mean the world to us today and everyday.

Andrea xo

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