Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poached Eggs on Heart-Shaped Toast

I have been up since the crack of dawn because I just couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to do with my new heart-shaped cookie soon as I got up, I got straight to work.

Derek had to work late last night and then again this morning, so I thought I would make him a healthy and filling breakfast to start his day off right.

He loves poached eggs, which I have never made before, so I thought I would break out of my comfort zone and give them a try.

How to make poached eggs:
I used the old school method for poached eggs, which is to bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and then crack the eggs into the pot. Leave them to cook for 3 minutes and then remove them from the pot. I found using a spoon with slits worked well, so I could strain as much water as possible off of them. Cooking the eggs for 3 minutes leaves you with a nice, soft yoke. You need to be quick getting them out of the pot because the yokes can become hard pretty quickly.

I decided to serve the poached eggs on heart-shaped toast. I toasted the bread and once it popped, I quickly got to work with my large cookie cutter.

Have you ever seen a cuter piece of toast????

I arranged each piece of toast on the plate and then topped each piece with a poached egg and a sprinkling of pepper. Of course I had to add a side of fruit to round out the breakfast. How delish!

I think it's safe to say that he enjoyed his breakie this morning.

To us, small gestures like this cutesy breakfast are just as good (or better!) than buying over-priced flowers or chocolates for Valentine's Day, wouldn't you agree?? This was a very inexpensive and fun way to do something nice for someone I love. The other bonus is that it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to put together ~ most of us have that amount of time to whip up something healthy and delicious.

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday,


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